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Have you got a broken iPhone or iPad screen? We can replace it for you within the hour. Quality parts used for affordable prices. 


        NO FIX NO FEE

 Specialists in iPhone screen repairs

We specialize in fixing all smart phones from iPhones to Samsung, Nokia, HTC , Sony, LG, Huawei, with over 9 years of experience. We undertake all kind of repairs whether its broken screen,charging issues, faulty camera,battery replacement, sound problems, liquid damaged, faulty motherboard, phone stuck on logo, no display, no signal,  phone wont turn on. 
        PC & LAPTOPS
We became experts in fixing Laptops and PC computers when they were very common and no smart phones around at the time so we know exactly how the computers technology works and how it has evolved over the years. We fix any hardware or software problems
like removing viruses, installing new software and operating systems. crack screen and faulty charging port repairs. 
Apple iPdas are very popular these days and we get them in for repairs on daily bases from broken screen to faulty charging ports, Stuck home button, no sound, wont turn on, stuck on apple logo, going on and off,corrupted software or liquid damaged. But we also fix all main brands like Samsung Tablets , Amazon kindle, Alba Tablets. We get most repairs done same day.
We specialize in Apple devices repairs and MacBook&iMacs are no exception. We troubleshoot all devices free of charge and give the estimated cost and time before carrying out the repairs. iMac overheating,noisy fan,liquid damaged,MacBook wont boot up, iMac restarting, stuck on Apple logo,MacBook wont charge,no display,crack screen, we fix them all. NO FIX NO FEE
unlock android phone or tablet to use on
       PS4 & XBOX
As technicians we may not have time to play games but we are hugely experienced in fixing Games Console. Whether you are PS4 or XBOX person we don't care, We are here to fix your broken Console. Issues we commonly fix,overheating, noisy fan, broken HDMI port, disk reading error, stuck disk, disk wont go in,faulty hard drive,faulty power supply,Xbox boot up error,ps4 bootup error.
We unlock phones from one network to another as well as removing forgotten passwords. We perfectly understand the software side of phones and computers so we can help with factory resets, restoring disabled or locked out phones, fixing corrupted software, flashing firmware, removing viruses,phones stuck on Apple or Samsung logo,installing new operating system. 
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